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| On 25, Jul 2013


The desire to get buff makes people want to jump right in and lift weights daily thinking that is the way to get to their goal quickly. However, lifting weights every single day without rest is actually detrimental. There are ways to lift almost every day and still see results, which is what many experienced bodybuilders do. But beginners should lift only a few times a week.

Muscle Recovery

The main reason you should not lift weights every day is that you won’t be allowing your muscles to recover. Resting between workouts does not make you lazy, it makes you smart. When you lift weights, the stress causes micro tears to occur in the muscles. This is why you get sore. Time off lets your body repair these micro tears. This process is what makes you bigger and stronger, not the lifting itself. So if you lift every day, you will continually damage your muscles without allowing for fixing them, which means you won’t see results other than fatigue and soreness.

Full-Body Workouts

No one should lift weights every day because of the necessity for rest. Although advanced exercisers may lift almost daily, beginners should stick to at most three days a week. Since you’re only lifting a few days, you want to hit every major muscle group in every workout. These are known as full-body workouts. Beginners lift weights two to three days a week on this plan. Perform one to two exercises per muscle group, including the chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders and core. This type of workout plan prepares you for more frequent weightlifting.

Split Workouts

Split workouts are not for beginners. With a split workout, you target specific muscle groups during a workout. This might be upper body workouts alternated with lower body workouts, or a breakdown by body part. An example plan is to target the chest and triceps on day one, the legs the next, the back and biceps on day three and then shoulders on day four. The muscles not targeted get to rest on their off days.

Advanced Workouts

Intermediate and advanced exercisers may lift weights five to six days a week with at least one day to rest and recover. An example of a 5-day split routine plan is to target the chest and abs on day one, the back, biceps, forearms and posterior shoulders on day two, the triceps, deltoids and abs on day four and the legs on day five. The third and sixth days are days off and the cycle restarts on day seven. Since you repeat the cycle on the seventh day, you actually lift five days a week even though there are four days in the plan.

Another example of a five-day a week workout plan from celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, is to work out the chest and quads on day one, then the back and hamstrings on day two, then repeat on days four and five. On day six, target the biceps and triceps. Days three and seven are always rest days so this plan is a true five-day a week plan. Do core exercises with every workout.






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