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Body-Building Tips for Men

| On 08, Nov 2013

Body-Building Tips for Men

The purpose of bodybuilding is to get as big as possible while staying lean. Genetics play a large role in how much muscle a person can achieve, but there are aspects that we can control. Bodybuilding for men requires three main components; calories, cardiovascular training and resistance training. Each component demands small subtleties that are constantly monitored and adjusted.

Calories and Water

You must eat to grow, and it is crucial for bodybuilding. Your body requires calories to grow–and, depending on genetics, it needs excessive calories. Caloric intake must be higher than the energy output, so you must eat more than you expend throughout the day. You also need plenty of water. According “Human Anatomy and Physiology” by Dr. Elaine N. Marieb, the body and its muscles are about 60 percent to 80 percent water. Throughout the day, consume at least 64 to 120 ounces of water to maintain proper fluid levels.

Cardiovascular Training

To keep your body as lean as possible, conduct your cardiovascular workout after resistance training– and 45 minutes is the ideal duration of a complete cardiovascular workout. Keep your heart rate at 60 percent to 75 percent of your maximum rate for the fat-burning effect. If your heart rate exceeds that, your body begins to burn muscle for fuel.

Resistance Training

Bodybuilding, strength training, endurance training, power training and even weight loss have different sets of parameters concerning sets, repetitions and rest. Bodybuilding requires multiple sets (two to six sets) of each exercise, as well as a repetition range of eight to twelve. Start with a weight that you can perform only eight or nine repetitions in proper form. Continue using that weight until you can perform twelve proper repetitions. Then, increase the weight, and start back at eight or nine repetitions and repeat. Keep your rest time at less than a minute between sets to allow for sufficient recovery for the next set.

The Three-Day Split

The order of exercises for specific muscle groups is essential to bodybuilding. Split your routines into three separate workouts. Work out on consecutive days, then repeat. Work the chest and back the first day, shoulders and legs the second. Work biceps and triceps the third day, and make the fourth day a rest day.


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