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Alpha Male Tribe | | | | | November 21, 2014

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The Shocking Truth About Muscle And Attraction

Why Being Too Strong Could Leave You Single And Lonely

| On 07, Dec 2013

The Shocking Truth About Muscle And Attraction

A shocking discovery has obliterated what we thought we knew about muscle and attraction.

David Frederick, author of a UCLA study on body types and attraction, stated that “women are predisposed to prefer muscularity in men” – but his next statement explains why super-muscular men often have trouble attracting women:

“On the one hand, it makes them more sexy to women. On the other hand, it makes women more suspicious about their romantic intentions.”

Women still want muscle: In Frederick’s study, 99 male undergrads were interviewed about their sexual experience, and it turned out that muscular men were two times more likely to have had three or more sex partners than their less ripped counterparts.

In the same study, 141 college women were shown six silhouettes of men from very muscular to slender – and the young women overwhelmingly preferred toned and muscular men over every other group.

Just as shocking, the females often perceived “very muscular” men as more aggressive and volatile (and also poor relationship material).

Attracting women comes down to a combination of mental strength AND muscle. Fortunately, there’s a quick and simple way to get there, whether you’re an avid weightlifter or an active man wanting to maximize your results in life …

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There’s one ‘hidden’ method to seize Maximum Male Performance in short order and with minimal effort …

And once you ‘turn the key’, you’ll find yourself at the doorstep of ‘mind-body mastery’ – the cool confidence and physical power that women unconsciously flock to …

Standing atop a mountain of scientific studies attesting to its startling power, this ‘superman-formula’ is being called a “male performance miracle”.

It snipes ugly belly fat and makes muscle growth a snap, and it doesn’t require that you work out 7 days a week to get there either – because as you’ll soon discover, it’s perfect for everyday guys AND bodybuilders. It’s called Amino Muscle and it’s the #1 secret of a powerful life for thousands of men.

Amino Muscle’s Enzyme Performance Formula ensures that critical nutrients reach your muscles (right now they aren’t) and restores your vitality and virility in record time:

In mere weeks you’ll experience these amazing benefits AND MORE ..

  • Suave ‘Don Juan’ confidence that catapults you to alpha male status (imagine yourself effortlessly attracting women with a relaxed, steady presence)
  • Mental focus and clarity that allows you to achieve your greatest goals (you’ll learn how a sinister threat could be making you tired, anxious and depressed)
  • High energy, stamina, and muscle growth (this formula activates your body’s full muscle-building power WHILE burning body fat 24-7)
  • Enhanced sexual performance sure to please even the most demanding lover (picture yourself lasting longer and enjoying richer, more pleasurable climaxes)

Amino Muscle is the male performance formula guaranteed to give you the bright, steady mood you long for and the lean, muscular body that women LOVE.

What would it be like to have the woman, career, and life that you long for? Congratulations, because it’s all at your fingertips: get your free Amino Muscle trial now.



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