10 Simple Exercises Your Overpriced Personal Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know About

No doubt during the summer you’ve come across someone running on the sidewalk or street. That’s because running is one of the most beneficial activities you can do, as well as being one of the most practical. 

From the forest to the beach, you can run almost anywhere and if the weather is awful, head to the gym and strengthen those areas that will benefit your running. Even when you’re doing the boring and mundane daily things, there are ways to move that will strengthen you for your next run.

10. Incline Leg Press

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Plyometric Leg Press

While constantly training with heavy weights will get you strong, it may not provide optimal power development. However, doing a plyometric leg press will help you build those leg muscles you need for running.

Get into the incline leg press and lower yourself down, only to rebound up as high as you can, pointing the toes in the air as you go.

9. Leg Extension Machine

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Toes-turned-in leg extension

If you crave that outer quad sweep that demonstrates just how powerful your legs are, the leg extension machine can assist.

Simply get into the machine and turn the toes slightly inwards. Perform the movement as normal while in this position. You’ll soon be feeling those outer quads working, building up power that will help with running.

8. Treadmill

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Side-to-side shuffles

If you want to dial in on the inner and outer quads needed for stability during a run, the side-to-side shuffles will work perfectly. Bend down so you’re in the ready position and then shuffle from side to side. Keep the knees bent as much as possible as you go about the exercise.

7. Studio With Bosu Balls

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Single leg squat

To improve the balance and agility needed when running, the bosu ball can’t be beat. Stand on the ball with one leg elevated above the other and then slowly squat down, maintaining balance.

Once you’ve done 5-10 reps on one leg, switch sides and repeat. As an added bonus, this exercise is great for getting a ripped midsection.

6. Horizontal Leg Press

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Alternating single leg press finisher

Nothing will finish your legs off faster than this move. Hop into a horizontal leg press and perform sets of 15. Make sure to alternate your legs until you hit a point of full fatigue.

See if you can get 3 sets in before having to stop.

If you have to lower the weight, do so, but ensure you hit 15 reps with each leg and feel the muscles in your leg strengthen.

5. Treadmill

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Uphill Treadmill Lunges

Uphill lunges are an excellent move to really put your strength to the test and burn massive calories. For this one, bring the treadmill to the steepest incline you can handle, set the speed on low, and then lunge your way up.

Do this between jogging intervals for an extremely intense workout that will get you in maximum shape for your next big run.

4. Overhead Bar

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Hanging clocks

Runners can still benefit from a proper AB WORKOUT. A fit set will help you move your legs and shift your hips, so you can generate more power in both these movements. For the ultimate in ab tension, try the hanging clock. Hang from a pull-up bar and lift your legs straight up in front of you. From there, rotate around clockwise as you hit all areas of the core, bringing out maximum muscle definition.
Do this in a slow and controlled manner for best results.

3. Rowing Machine

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Reverse grip rowing

Rowing is a great exercise to improve your cardio and it works every major muscle in your body — both areas that are important for runners. Hop off the treadmill or spin bike and do an interval of rowing. Use a reverse grip as you do to help target your biceps to a higher degree as well

2. Studio

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Wall jumps

Wall jumps are great for boosting plyometric strength and will help any runner reduce fatigue during their runs, while helping to get a faster start.

Run partway across the studio towards a wall and upon reaching it, bend both knees and rebound up off the ground as high as you can go.

Upon landing, bend both knees to cushion the body, and then sprint across the studio again to complete the rep.

Each time, try and JUMP HIGHER and higher up the wall.

1. Treadmill

Train Everywhere

What you should do: Skipping

Do double intervals with this move. Perform your normal treadmill sprint for 30-60 seconds and then hop off and jump rope for another 30-60 seconds.

Once that’s finished, walk for a full minute to recover, before repeating again.

Skipping is great to add in for any runner as it’ll help to work your upper body strength, which can often fatigue during a long run, reducing your performance.



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