11 Benefits of Becoming a Morning Person That Will Make You Successful

There are many benefits when you wake up early. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The sun has not caught me in bed in 50 years. “ And oh boy…the principal author of the Declaration of Independence for sure knows something about being successful.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has been known for waking up early and sending emails to the whole company at 4:30 in the morning.

Brett Yormark, the most youthful CEO in the NBA, wakes up at 3:30 with a specific end goal –to get to the office before 4:30-.

Most of the brightest ideas come up on your table in the early hours thanks to the limited distractions and your sharp focus.

On the off chance that you love hitting the snooze button for more sleep, you might need to rethink and read our 11 reasons why the early riser has an advantage in the business world.
I know… 3:30 might be way too early for some of us but waking up before sunrise has its benefits and will push you ahead of the game.

1No Distractions

You will be surprised with how many work tasks can be done in the early morning. Wiping out the distraction of meetings, text messages, social media, telephone calls and emails will lead to being more productive with your work.

2Key Planning

Catching up with the majority of your obligations during normal business hours is an intense task in itself. It gives you next to no opportunity to get ready for what’s to come. The quietness during the early morning will give you an opportunity to get ready for the future.

3Go on the Offensive

Waking up early will make you feel way less overwhelmed to begin the day. Rather, you’ll feel incredible about the work you got done before 9 in the morning, which will prompt a more gainful day.

Different studies have demonstrated that morning individuals show character attributes like positive thinking, being pleasant, fulfillment and reliability.


Try to be creative having different distractions surrounding you throughout the day. Devoting 30 minutes of time every morning to creative thoughts can prompt some of your best ideas for future projects.
Toward the end of a workday, your mind is drained to the point that it’s difficult to concoct awesome ideas. The morning is the place your creative ability will flourish. You will love waking up early on the off chance that it prompts one of your best thoughts.

5Be ahead of the competition

Individuals are without a doubt in shock when they discover that somebody wakes up very early. Getting to the workplace before your associates will demonstrate the devotion and responsibility you have to your profession.
At one point when your associates see the change in your work from awakening early, they’ll start to stick to this same pattern.

6Try not to Miss Out

Have you ever seen that primetime TV programs happen during the evening, not in the early morning? There aren’t that many TV shows or news events that you’ll be passing up at 6 am.
In the event that you get into the workplace early, you will still have the whole night to have a ball by yourself or with your friends or your family. You won’t feel like you are overlooking anything by getting to the workplace before sunrise.

7Maintain a strategic distance from Traffic

Investing your energy carefully is an essential component in the workplace.
When you wake up early, you’ll understand that your drive to work will take less time since the vast majority is hitting the snooze while anticipating arriving at 9 am. By awakening early, you’ll begin driving less while making your time more proficient.

8Better Response

Emails sent from 6 am to 7 am have a higher chance to be opened than the ones sent in the afternoon (CBS). This explains why CEOs and top-level executives are the first ones to wake up so early.
So keep in mind that having your message first at the inbox in the morning instead of page 2 of the inbox in the afternoon will prompt more individuals to read it and getting back in touch with you.


Have you ever workout in the morning and felt that energy going throughout the day? Working out is essential and many successful business people wake up early to do some exercises before everyone else.
Most of the gyms open really early, some are even 24 hours now, which makes it perfect for a morning person. So think on hitting the gym up, it won’t only give you more energy during your business hours but it will also contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

10Appreciate Quiet Time

You will thank us later when you start to appreciate the quiet hour or minutes in your office before the rest of the people arrives.
Arriving at your work as many early risers will help you be more organized and proactive, as I said…thank us later 🙂

11Set Schedule

Discipline is required if you want to start waking up early, especially the night before you go to bed. We all have these guilty-pleasure late-night shows or stay awake looking at the cellphone and updating ourselves on social media, which makes it hard to have a routine to wake up early in the morning.

You must sleep AT LEAST 8 hours per night, you will feel brand new in the morning so be smart about it. If you must watch The Tonight Show, why not record it and watch it later when you arrive home? Need to have some discipline on your schedule.

So tribe, what are you waiting for? Being by setting your alarm and you will see the difference in your productivity at work. ONE LAST TIP: Make sure the alarm clock is far away so your sleepy-self avoid the snooze button!

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