There’s something about making a girl lose control in bed that makes us all men feel awesome! Each time a girl moans involuntarily because she can’t hold herself back, it’s a level that just can’t be matched.

Now in all possibility, you know how to have sex. And you’ve most likely been doing it for a while too.

But do you really drive her crazy and make her want to cry in bed because she’s so overwhelmed by your capabilities to make her orgasm like an explosion in between her thighs?

Sexual satisfaction is very important, these seven tips can give you wonderful time in bed with your partner and she’ll be craving to you forever!


Become an explorer

Yes, your eyes may be fixed on her boobs and mound. But there’s so much more you can do to arouse her. Let your hands and lips wander all over her body, and once you’ve tasted and lingered on every part of her, you can get closer to her breasts and mound. The delay and the anticipation would drive her crazy!


Pay Attention to her Steamy Zones

A woman’s sexual zones are the sensitive spots on her body. Licking or nibbling her sexual zones can get her all hot and crazy in no time. Brings your lips to her ear lobes, neck, inner thigh, or her pelvis, and you’ll see just how ready she’ll be for sex in minutes.


Give her the Play of Lifetime

Go slow before entering into her. Remember, girls take a while to get completely aroused and ready for sex. Penetrating her when she’s dry or barely aroused may hurt her, and even if she’s just ready for penetration, she may not enjoy it as much as she would if you take some time indulging in foreplay.


Go Slow in Your Sexual Journey

Don’t penetrate into her too soon. Touch her down there with your member and tease her by slipping it in now and then, but don’t just enter yet. Make her want it really badly before you slip all the way into her. Teasing a girl in bed will make her beg you for it in desperation and you’ll drive her crazy in no time.

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You should both finish the race

Women take time to climax. Men, however, are much quicker. Orgasmic ally speaking, she is the tortoise to your rabbit. So if you climax first, no matter how tired you are, you’re responsible for helping her over the finish line. The best tactic is to head south with your mouth.


Longer and Stronger Erection

Exercise improves your blood circulation which gives you harder erections and better stamina, and it also gives you a great body. You’ll feel more confident when you get undressed, she’ll love you more for looking so smoking hot, and you’ll stay hard a lot longer.


Love like a Chinese emperor

The Emperors had many women to keep them occupied. One emperor from Sui Dynasty in the 11th century had 121 women for himself. How did he have the stamina for all of them? Researchers have discovered that these emperors were using a mysterious herb called Yin yang huo or Epimedium for centuries to please their eager lovers. It helps in increasing sexual desire, longer and stronger erection, increases sperm count and wild pressure. This herb works like Viagra but with no side effects 100%. So, if you need any help down there. Go to one of these natural health store or…hey if needed try Viagra. Always thinking on of her and how to keep her excited.