Activities for Couples to Do Together: 10 Out-of-the-Box Date Ideas

Activities for Couples to Do Together

Whether your romance is brand new or you are already in a secure and established relationship, it can be tough to figure out ways to switch things up. Routines are comforting, but there are times when you want to show the woman you love how special she is by doing something out of the ordinary. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

10 Activities for Couples to Do Together:

#1: Read to her.

In a modern world full of online distractions it may be nice to draw her a bubble bath, light a few candles, pour her a glass of wine and crack open one of her favorite books. Perhaps there’s a novel she’s been meaning to get to, but hasn’t had the time. Help her make the time by setting it aside for her and participating in it with her. This idea takes nearly no money and will show her that you are making her the priority.

#2: Artistically express yourself with her.

Whether you are creative person or not, this date idea is sure to grab her attention while you both experience something new. Maybe making a collage of pictures from your early dating life will give your romance a much needed trip down memory lane. Each of you writing a short story about the first time you met and reading them to each other can help you both remember how intense the initial chemistry was between you both.

#3: Midnight picnic and iPad movie.

Spending the day with your loved one on the couch watching television, surrounded by snack food seems like a common way to spend the weekend. By just changing the time and location you can make it feel like a brand new experience. Go out to a park, stop at a mountain scenic view or even lay out in the back yard. This will mix up the experience without driving up the cost.

#4: Create a cocktail.

Rather than going to the same old bar you always go to, give her a night in that she’ll remember. Get all kinds of juices, syrups, fruits, sodas and liquors from the store and spend the evening creating your very own signature cocktails. You can give them romantic, nostalgic or even humorous names. This will turn having a simple drink together into more than just sitting down at the bar.

#5: Surprise dinner road trip.

This one requires a bit of time, money and some planning but is well worth it if you have the resources. Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant an hour or two away from where you live, tell her to get dressed up and that you are taking her to dinner. The road trip can include giving her gifts like flowers or jewelry, opening her door for her, playing her favorite music or listening to a playlist of songs that express how you feel about her. When you arrive at the restaurant she’ll be surprised and elated at the effort it took for you to give her a special night “away”.

#6: Picture scavenger hunt.

Take photographs of her doing things that are special in your relationship or even just doing normal, everyday tasks. Then, print them out and write messages or clues on the back. Give them to her as a picture scavenger hunt. The prize she receives for completing the hunt is up to you. The effort you put into an activity like this is sure to be appreciated.

#7: Mute television dialogue.

When you’ve watched the same old movie a hundred times together, it can become a stale and mundane way to spend the evening. Switch it up by putting it on mute and saying all of the lines together. Be the different characters and even act it out if you want to. It is sure to make you both spend your evening laughing and enjoying your company.

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#8: The second first date.

A second first date is fun no matter what stage of the relationship you’re in. She will enjoy reliving those moments while creating some new ones. Long-term relationships can often use a little excitement and re-connection. Talk about goals and projects you’re working on as if you’ve never met. Ask her about her life as if you’re hearing it for the first time. It can feel a little silly at first but it will give her the feeling of being perused and paid attention to in ways that seasoned relationships often lack.

#9: People watching.

People watching is a great activity, no matter where you live. Going to the mall or a crowded restaurant and talking with your wife or girlfriend about all the different kinds of people you see can spark brand new discussions about a variety of different topics. Creating your own dialogue for other people’s conversations can also be extremely amusing.

#10: Make a couple’s bucket list.

A couple’s bucket list is usually only a good idea for couples who have been together for quite a while. Making a list of the things you want to do together is romantic. Write down the places you want to see together, the things you want to accomplish with each other, the things you want to do or give one another. Looking ahead and making goals for your life together will give her a sense of excitement and security about the future.

Making dating a memorable experience is challenging no matter how long the relationship has been going on. Get creative and make sure she knows how special she is to you. Did you find these activities for couples to do together helpful? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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