Broke but Hopeful: Tips for Dating While Unemployed

Being unemployed can be a rough situation for anyone, whether you’re a man or a woman. We are raised in a society where success is measured by your career path and the amount of money that you make. When men are unemployed, this can cause them to be extremely insecure and self-conscious. This is also the time when men may need a companion the most. Finding a woman that can help make you feel alright about your situation and boost your confidence to keep trudging forward can be some of the best motivation while on the hunt for a new job. Don’t let your unemployment stand in the way of you and a potential relationship.

1. Finding the Right Woman

Dating While Unemployed
Dating While Unemployed

As mentioned above, there are many women out there who are looking for a man with a steady job and one that is financially stable, but they aren’t the only women. The bottom line is, when seeking a partner, you need to find one that’s willing to accept the good as well as the bad. A down-to-earth woman is going to see who you really are, and if you’re a great catch, then your employment status will not be a factor.

Think about it. If you meet a woman out there who will not give you a chance just because you’re in a rough patch in your life, what would happen if you began a long-term relationship with her? It’s better to find out that something like this is high on her priority list long before you become emotionally attached to her. Although it may be hard, try not to be discouraged by this type of woman. Just try to be grateful that you did not spend months or even years with her only to find out that she isn’t able to weather the storm when bad situations arise.

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2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Dating While Unemployed
Dating While Unemployed

Twenty years ago, men had to visit their local bars, be setup by friends on unpredictable blind dates, or hope their dream woman accidentally bumped into them on the street where they were able to spark up a conversation. This requires time, money, and luck. You could go to a bar every night of the week, buying drinks for yourself and whatever pretty lady that you had your eye on in hopes of making some kind of connection, but there was no guarantee. You could spend weeks going to different hot spots around town, spending money, and not finding one woman that you were able to make a connection with. In the world of business, this would be called a bad return on investment.

Now, through the Internet, you’re able to meet women online without spending any more money than what your Internet bill costs. Although websites like do charge a monthly fee and promise a higher compatibility rate, there are plenty of free online dating sites out there that are extremely popular. Both men and women create online profiles to summarize who they are, what their likes and dislikes are, and include a gallery of personal photos. You could spend an entire weekend out on the town and not meet a woman with your common interests, but with online dating, you are able to click through profiles until you find one that sparks your interest. There is no more worrying about whether a woman’s looks match her brains; it is all laid out for you in her profile.

On these sites, it may take you some time to find a woman that you can engage in discussion with, but when you do, you’re able to open the path to her becoming attracted to your personality without your employment status playing a role.

3. The Date

Dating While Unemployed
Dating While Unemployed

Whether you go the online dating route or not, the first date is inevitably going to happen, and this is where you must get creative and have a plan. What you must realize is there are a lot of women out there who would take a non-traditional date over dinner and a movie any day of the week. This is your chance to make a real connection with the woman you’re going out with and also not spend too much money in the process.

A woman loves a man who gets creative, and one of the best ways is to do this in the kitchen. Inviting her over for a home-cooked meal and great conversation is something that most women these days don’t get to experience often. This can even be a meal that you cook before your date and then take for a romantic picnic in the park.

The topic of work is going to come up during your evening no matter what. It is important that you show confidence when discussing this with your date, without sounding too down and out about the situation. No woman wants to listen to your problems all night on a first date. Explain to her what new potential jobs are on the horizon or even the possibility of a career change. Sound excited about what the future has to offer. If she is into you, she will appreciate the motivation and optimism you show during this tough time.

Just because you’re not working does not mean that you should be alone. Stay strong, confident and motivated, and both your love life and professional life will fall into place.