Friday, June 23, 2017

Sauna after sport?

On the subject of "sauna after exercise," says Rolf A. Pieper, Managing Director of the German Sauna Association: "A direct performance enhancement in sport through the sauna bathing there is not,...
tips for running

No progress while running?

Tips for Running and Making a Progress Professionals prefer the first training session by a strength and weakness analysis, at the then align their goals and training intensities. The best way to...
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How Many Drinks Does It Take to Erase Gym Gains?

We don't need a study to tell us that people who work out more drink more (although the studies tell us that anyway). But what, exactly, does imbibing after a workout do...

What Olympians Really Eat for Breakfast

Deciding what to eat for breakfast on race day or before a long, grueling bike ride is about as difficult as picking which IPA to unwind with after a brutal workday....

When Six-Pack Abs Are Bad for Your Health

Blame it on Ronaldo. Pro athletes and fitness geeks everywhere are obsessed with six-pack abs. What better way to show the world how athletic you really are, right? Not exactly. “Six-pack...
The Fox News anchor shares how he loses weight.

How Fox News’ Bret Baier Sheds Pounds (Even in an Election Year)

I have the metabolism of a manatee. I could look at a piece of pizza and gain weight. So I really have to bear down on diet and fitness, and I...