Friday, June 23, 2017

Why America’s Best Olympic Weightlifter Is Vegan

Kendrick Farris competes in the Men's 94kg snatch weight class at the USA Olympic Team Trials for weightlifting at the Calvin...

10 Simple Exercises Your Overpriced Personal Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know About

No doubt during the summer you've come across someone running on the sidewalk or street. That's because running is one of the most beneficial activities you can do, as well as...

Sauna after sport?

On the subject of "sauna after exercise," says Rolf A. Pieper, Managing Director of the German Sauna Association: "A direct performance enhancement in sport through the sauna bathing there is not,...
tips for running

No progress while running?

Tips for Running and Making a Progress Professionals prefer the first training session by a strength and weakness analysis, at the then align their goals and training intensities. The best way to...