UPDATED – The Most WILD, Crazy Sex Positions of 2017

Who doesn’t love sex? Especially these crazy sex positions we’re about to show you below and we’re not thumping the missionary style. But sometimes the same routine starts to get boring and you need to open your mind to try something new, something fresh. These crazy sex positions might be too wild on the first sight, but with some practice you and your girl will be glad that you’re over into the alpha male wild side!



This position will stimulate her all of the time. To start, you will need to lie on your back and bring your knees to your upper body. She will stand on her knees between your legs and support herself on your chest. You will put your legs around her. TIP: You can try with her rear facing your face instead and hey if you’re having issues with erection check our post on how to increase your testosterone levels naturally – Click Here

12Pincers From the Front

Another position in which the woman has total control. In this position you will not move. She will do the whole thing while supporting herself with her arms.  Her skills will be shown when she starts making circular movements that will drive you crazy right away. You can help once in a while and thrust with your pelvis. TIP: Try acting like if you’re going to withdraw totally without actually doing it then penetrate her again. This will stimulate her completely.

11The Open Pincer

This is probably one of the most used and favorite’s positions for any man and up till now it is still in this list of crazy wild sex positions! Guys, the trick in here is to have control of her legs, grabs her ankles, she will be forced to spread even more. The view with this position is really exciting for any man. TIP: While you have control of her legs, kiss them. Make her feel the desire for more.

10Mirror Reflections

While you’re in doggy style, place a mirror between her legs. The idea is to look down at the mirror while you’re doing your job and make sure she is looking down too. Both will see the penetration happening from a different angle like you’ve never seen it before, says author of Sex in South Beach, Dr. Sonjia

9GI Jane

She needs to lay on her solid side and fix the arm to prop up her m. You will need to snatch her upper leg, venture over her lower leg and lift her body into the air by her upper leg. She uses her strong arm to adjust her abdominal area and you place your other arm under her hips to hold her relentless. When she feels stable, begin pushing before her arm wears out!

8All-Access Pass

Laurel House, famous dating coach for men and women has said her favorite position is when the man is on his knees with his hand pressed up against the wall and she is laying on her back between his legs. This gives her the freedom to suck his penis while she plays with the balls and also touches with the tip of her finger the man’s anus. Some real stimulation going on with this one. Be a man and try it!

7The Flying Buttress

Well… we all know the Cowgirl position, right? When they are on top and are in total control of it. Now the trick here is to do it reverse. She’s on top but facing away from you, so her head is at your feet. She will still have total control and you will get the chance for an amazing view down there.

6Head Over Heels

Start by having her kneel on the floor and crossing her arms on the ground, can use a pillow for the elbows. She has to stick her butt in the air and rest her head on her arms. Now you will stand behind her, lift her legs up until her body is almost perpendicular to the floor and enjoy inside of her.

5The Reverse Dugout

This wild, rough and kinky position will have the both of you experiencing unique sensations while she is on top of you. Her rear will be facing you while she has control of the rhythm. She can bend forward, touch your legs with her breast and wrap her arms around your legs. With this position you can control the intensity when you feel it’s getting closer to the climax. TIP: Add kinky spanking to this position to get the wild sex going.

4360 Squat

Fellow tribe… if you have a woman that knows how to squat then get ready for one of the hottest positions out there. Straightforward, you lie on your back (On the floor! Bed is acceptable), she will start squatting slowly over your penis and then sit deep on it. When your shaft makes contact with her, she will squeeze her vaginal walls. On the next squat she will turn 1/4 of a turn clockwise that means her side is going to be facing you this time around. Repeat the movement and another 1/4 turn clockwise. Try to not reach your orgasm before the full 360 turn is done!

3Lift Off

You might have seen this position somewhere. From those action movies where they just want to get down to business and keep it PG-15, hell… they don’t even care about getting undressed; it’s all about the action. Both are standing facing each other, hold her up while she lifts her legs and wrap them around you. This can take a lot of strength from you but you can find different supports around the place. Try backing her up against a wall or in the kitchen. Hey…you can try it everywhere just make sure both are comfortable while on it.

2Raised Doggy

Ok guys, some of you might know this position as the Wheelbarrow; the man stands from behind and bends his knees slightly, while she’s lies facing down the floor. We grab and start raising her waist while she uses her hands on the floor and her legs around your waist. You will have the best view from over here and feel a tighter fit.

1The Cow

The Cow, this position is very straightforward. We’re not looking for intimacy but rather more stimulation. Both of you stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. She bends forward and places her hands on the floor or around her the fingertips of her feet. We will approach from behind and make sure she will never forget the experience. TIP: You can reach and touch her breasts or clitoris.

Weekly we will update this post for our readers to be the beast their women deserves in bed and to keep your manhood alive while doing these sex positions – Click here for tips on how to raise your testosterone levels. If you have a suggestion or want to tell us which one have you tried, let us know by leaving comment below!