Are Dates the healthiest food in the world?

dates health benefits

Dates, I’m sure you are surprised, aren’t you? They are a fantastic source of iron and have a wide range of health and nutritional values! Let’s discover dates benefits.


Dates benefits:

8Dates as a source of Iron

With only 100 grams of dates, you will get around 0.90 mg of Iron, which is around 100% of the recommended daily intake. Iron, is a major aspect of the hemoglobin in red blood cells, as it decides the amount of oxygen to be carried in your blood. We all need iron but for pregnant women and teenagers they are a most and is one of dates benefits.

7Dates to stops diarrhea

It isn’t only Iron, you can also find potassium in dates which is helpful in stopping diarrhea. It also helps the intestinal flora to recover quickly. So it’s not only Yogurt the king of creating good bacteria for your bowels.

Dates with regular consumption will make it easier for your intestines to create good bacteria.

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6Dates for constipation? Think no further

This miracle food doesn’t only stop diarrhea, they can also help the digestion of food to be faster and less demanding. One helpful tip is to put the date on water and let them stay overnight, as they will release an excellent laxative that stimulates the bowels.

5Dates regulates body weight

Thanks to all the nutrients, dates will give you a feeling of fullness and help you lose weight. Tip: Eat dates on an empty stomach; it will control the work of your intestines while getting the needed sugar for energy. Dates don’t contain cholesterol; however they have sugar so eat it with moderation. Too much of anything, even dates, could result in weight gain.

4Dates brings down your bad cholesterol – LDL

This is an excellent source for people with high cholesterol. Consuming a couple of dates a day will prevent the store of fat in your arteries with leads to many heart diseases nowadays.

3Dates will fortify the heart

A great recipe to reinforce your heart with this amazing fruit: Get a couple of dates in water and let them soak overnight on room temperature. Next day take them out and remove these seeds. Use them in a blender with some water and mix them. Drink it a few times during the day.

2Dates can bring down hypertension

Dates are extremely reasonable food for anyone experiencing hypertension. They have almost no sodium, and a lot of potassium. The standard serving of around 5 to 6 dates gives you around 80 milligrams of magnesium, which is a crucial mineral for the blood vessels. Recent research says that 370 mg of magnesium a day can low blood pressure.

1Dates can protect you against a future stroke

Potassium has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke by 40% and this is one of dates advantage, rich in potassium. They also have the ability to regulate the operation of the nervous system.

As you can see, dates benefits are huge and can start to be implementing on everyday diet. We’ve got some other healthy tips for you, check our paleo diet post and get the most out of Alpha Male Tribe.