The Fastest Way to Descend on a Bike Is Also Terrifying

The best bike racers fly down hills with abandon, but this fixie rider’s superman position is next-level crazy. At the Tour de France, you’ll see the riders sitting on their bike’s top tube, hunching over their bars. This precarious position trades stability for decreased wind drag, but by comparison it’s not all that radical. Their legs are still bent, and more importantly, their feet remain connected to the pedals.

Italian fixed-gear cyclist Michael Guerra, however, unclips from his pedals, shifts his weight from his sit bones to his pelvis, and then reaches his legs straight back. While bouncing his hips to shift from his backside to front seems dangerous enough (considering what anatomy he might crush), he gives up an enormous amount of control, letting the pedals spin by themselves.

The stunt was staged for Dafne Fixed, an online fixed-gear bike shop based in Rimini, Italy. While the video is an ad, it’s no less of an astounding feat of balance and grit — one we recommend never trying.