Floor Exercises that Don’t Require Equipment

Here you have 10 floor exercises to get ripped wherever you want to.

1. Push-Ups in a Wide Position

In order to widen your chest and boost the strength of your anterior deltoids, you should perform push-ups while keeping your hands in positions that are wider than your chest. During each repetition, your chest should slightly touch the floor, and your back must remain straight during the entire set.

2. Push-ups That Strengthen Triceps and the Inner Sections of the Pectoral Muscles

When completing these easy exercises, your hands should be close to one another and line up with your sternum. As you lower your upper body during each repetition, you should flex your latissimus dorsi and your rhomboids while pushing your chest forwards to allow your sternum to come into contact with the backs of your hands.

3. Leg Raises

To perform a leg raise, you must first lay down to allow your back to touch the ground. Once in this position, you must slowly lift your legs while keeping them straight, and your arms should remain at your sides.

This exercise tones and strengthens the lower part of the abdominals. If you would like to also train the obliques, you must lay on your side and perform the same movement.

4. Sit-Ups

Unlike crunches, a full sit-up will strengthen all sections of the abdominal muscles. After laying on your back, the knees must be bent, and a spotter can hold your feet in place. Next, you can cross your arms over your chest and lift your upper body while ensuring that the upper part of your back remains as straight as possible. Your chin must come very close to your knees during every repetition.

A person should not place the hands behind the head because this position can injure the neck and cause the arms to lift some of the weight of the upper body.

5. Lunges

This exercise will enhance the strength of your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. When completing a lunge, the athlete’s knee should almost touch the floor during each repetition, and when the knee is almost making contact with the ground, the individual should pause for at least one second.

6. Planks

When performing a plank, you will be required to get into the same position that you would assume before completing a push-up and bend the elbows while allowing the forearms to touch the ground. Now, the back and the legs must be straightened, and while in this position, the individual should flex the abdominals.

The longer you can remain in this position, the more effectively these easy exercises will tone and strengthen your abs.

7. Bear Crawls

Bear crawls will improve a person’s endurance and balance, and the exercise can strengthen every muscle in the body.

To enhance the positive effects of bear crawls, you can opt to crawl on a hill. Numerous studies have shown that performing bear crawls on a surface with an upward slope will substantially raise a person’s levels of testosterone.

Each time you do a bear crawl, you should measure the distance that you travel and determine the amount of time that it takes you to reach a certain point.

8. Standing Jumps

In addition to boosting the strength of the legs, this exercise will increase your explosiveness. While standing, you will have to bend your knees slightly and push your arms backwards. Next, you must jump upwards and simultaneously thrust your arms towards the sky.

To determine the highest point that you reach, colored chalk should be placed on one of your hands, and you can perform the jumps while you are positioned next to a wall or a pole. At the highest point in the standing jump, you must lightly touch the wall, and the distance from that point to the floor should be measured.

9. Squats

To begin performing these easy exercises, a person must be standing with their feet approximately 25 inches apart from one another. While keeping their back straight, the individual will have to lower the upper body until the hips are near the bent knees, and the person should hold that position for one half of a second before rising.

The athlete’s arms can be crossed over the chest while performing this exercise.

10. Burpees

This exercises involves numerous movements, and like the bear crawl, it will strengthen all of the body’s muscles. Burpees also increase explosiveness because the athlete will perform a jump at the end of each repetition.

In order to enhance the cardiovascular benefits of burpees, you should perform at least 12 reps per set and only take a break that lasts for one minute between each group of repetitions.