3 Key Ways to be Romantic Without Just Turning to All of the Old Cliches

How to be romantic

Finding the right person to be in a relationship with, can sometimes be a difficult task. When you find that perfect someone, it is important to learn how to be romantic and keep them as interested in you as they were when you had your first date. Many long-term relationships end up falling into a routine of date nights where it can begin to seem repetitive, but it does not have to. It’s easy to turn to cliche ideas for dates or even surprising her with flowers on random occasions, but there are an endless amount of ways to keep her on her toes with romantic ideas when you’re able to think outside the box.

Here We Got 3 Ways on How to Be Romantic

1. Paying Attention to the Little Things is Key

When women are looking for a partner, one of the items at the top of their checklist is finding a man that knows how to listen. They want someone who will listen after they’ve had a long day. Whether their day was good or bad, she legitimately wants to engage in this conversation with you. Communication is key in any relationship and we all want a companion that we’re able to talk to, but it is important to remember the small details and store them in the memory bank for a later date when it comes to romance and how to be romantic.

Women love when a man remembers the little things and understands what appeals to her, especially when she may have not put much emphasis on it. Being able to read between the lines and find out what her likes and dislikes are when she hasn’t directly told you that the subject is of great importance to her. This is a great way to plan a surprise her and give her butterflies.

While the woman you’re with may truly appreciate every effort you make when planning romantic evenings or outings, it’s the details that will make her remember why she fell in love with you. It’s easy to take her to her favorite restaurant or go to a movie she’s wanted to see, but she will be much more impressed when you’re creative.

Catalog the points of interest that she has, but doesn’t have the time or opportunity to enjoy them. She may have mentioned a place she’s never been to and would love to visit that you can plan a surprise trip to, or even that she’s never had a specific romantic experience like being cooked breakfast in bed. There may have been a time when you were listening to the radio and she expressed how much she loved the artist playing and with a little research you may find out there is an opportunity to surprise her with concert tickets when they come to town.

Flowers and chocolates are a quick go-to, but you should always be trying to help create memories that will last forever instead of short-term romantic ideas.

2. Make Meals a Special Occasion

In any relationship, there will be many times where you will go out for dinner, or cook a meal at home for one another. These meals do not have to be a repetitive date night where you both sit and have some good food while enjoying each other’s company. This is a great chance to show her that you care and are willing to put in some extra effort. Most women love a man that can cook and find it extremely romantic when they do so, but there’s much more that you can do when cooking for her to show some extra love. 

This is one huge step on how to be romantic with your woman. Pay attention to foods she may have mentioned, but does not have very often and learn how to cook them. There are assortments of cooking shows and websites where you can get some great ideas for amazing meals to cook at home. Don’t be afraid to fail by not cooking at the level of a professional chef, she will love the fact that you went the extra mile to even attempt cooking a special meal for her. It’s a great idea to plan evenings like this in advance without telling her and while watching a cooking show together, remember what foods she mentions she would like to try. This is a great way to show her that she’s on your mind.

Make sure to set the tone of the evening with candles and a nice wine that will complement the meal. Your goal should make her feel as though you have brought the experience of a romantic restaurant into your own home.

3. The Lost Art of the Playlist

During the days of the cassette tape, it was often looked at as a grand gesture to create someone a playlist. Part of this was because it took quite a bit of effort with an old stereo to record specific songs onto a tape using various methods. The playlist is an amazing way to show your affection for someone through music.

A playlist should be the soundtrack to your relationship and can show her how much you care for her without you saying a word. You should include songs that were around when you first met and hold sentimental value to make her remember the special nights early on. You should also have a mix of her favorite artists, as well as yours to show her that not only do you pay attention to her interests, but also that you think about her when you listen to romantic music and she is not there.

There are endless opportunities to keep a relationship fresh and reigniting the romance on a daily basis and you should always be looking for new ways to sweep her off her feet. So keep your eyes open on daily tips on how to be romantic, it’s never too late to surprise her.