How to Create Sexual Tension With a Woman – 3 Keys to Make It INTENSE

Sexual tension. It’s like a mystery to a lot of guys, they know they need to create sexual tension with a woman, but the thing is, they don’t really know HOW. It’s okay to be a little unsure of what to do right now, but you do need to be able to figure this stuff out if you really want to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you. So, what can you do to make a woman feel sexual tension when she is with you?

Here are 3 keys to building intense sexual tension with a woman:

1. You cannot start off gun ho and in a rush.

You have to think of building up sexual tension as being a marathon and not a sprint. Most guys when they really try to make a woman feel sexually attracted to them, they are gun ho and come out and lose steam in a matter of minutes and sometimes seconds. Not a good thing. It’s much better to build it up, then it is to start out at the top and work your way down. Basically, be patient and don’t try to make it happen in 60 seconds.

2. Tease her in a way that is playful, not harmful.

Teasing is an easy and effective way to create that kind of chemistry and tension with a woman and to be honest, most guys get it completely wrong. Either they don’t do it at all, or when they do it, it actually comes off like they are being harmful or mean. Playful is the way to go. You don’t want to make her feel like you are afraid to tease her, and you also don’t want to make her think of you as just being a jerk. Strike a balance, it’s much better.

3. Use push and pull, learn to walk away from her.

Crowding a woman is what most guys do when they have an interest in her. You know, they do what they can to get close to her, and once they are there, they NEVER want to leave. The problem with this is, it ends up making you look clingy and desperate. You need to use techniques like push and pull and be able to walk away from her at the right moment. You can drive a woman wild if you are the one that walks away from the interaction and she comes chasing after YOU.