Is Your Diet Turning You Into a Lady?

Eating well is important to looking like a powerful man, but it’s important in ways you might not consider. Let’s take a look at some of the facts:

  • Obesity is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.
  • When we digest carbohydrates, which include natural and processed sugars, our bodies turn them into glucose. When we have a lot of glucose in our bloodstream, our bodies release insulin to process the glucose and absorb it into our muscles or use it for energy. Excess glucose is stored as fat.

If carbohydrates intake is chronically high, and as a result insulin levels are chronically high, then serious problems can develop, starting with what is known as “insulin resistance” and high blood sugar. That might sound familiar to you. The condition is known as diabetes.

  • Gluten wreaks havoc with the cells that line our intestines, causing them to become inflamed and to be lousy at their jobs of letting good stuff in and keeping bad stuff out. The symptoms you might experience from eating gluten include diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, chronic fatigue, and joint pain. Gluten also makes your intestines inefficient at absorbing the good nutrients, too. So eating gluten can also negatively impact your brain and every other organ in your body.
  • And perhaps above all, all of these things cause your stomach to expand, which increases the estrogen in your body. That’s right: estrogen. If you have belly fat, the testosterone is basically being sucked out of you and turned into estrogen through a process called “aromatization”. So, the more belly-fat tissue you have, the more likely you are to have this enzyme go into action and aromatize your testosterone into estrogen, essentially turning you into a lady.

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Okay, enough with the scary stuff. Let’s talk about what you should eat. Robb Wolf, a nutrition expert and author of the New York Times best-seller The Paleo Solution, suggests the Paleo diet, which is also sometimes referred to as primal eating or an ancestral diet. The basic gist is this: Get away from all the negative things that come with today’s food industry and go back to a simpler, healthier way of eating.

The Paleo diet isn’t telling you to eat exactly like a caveman. Rather, the diet is about taking a scientific look at what it is we historically ate, ”what our bodies were designed to eat” and making educated decisions about our food based on evolutionary biology, genetics, and anthropological research. Even though modern food may seem great because it’s convenient, many modern foods are highly processed and lacking in nutrients due to modern farming practices and the degradation of lands.

Wolf recommends eating a diet high in protein and fat and low on the glycemic index.  A super-manly diet would be along the lines of what Wolf and the Paleo diet advocate, which is high protein, but not dairy products. High fat from one of the “good fat sources” and low carb except for hard-core athletes, who can eat things like yams and sweet potatoes, but only in post-workout meals.

Obviously, we could write entire books on the Paleo diet. In fact, entire books have been written, including those by Robb Wolf. For now, here’s a simple list of the basic elements of the Paleo diet.


  1. Clean out your pantry, getting rid of all the processed and packaged foods. Basically, if it didn’t come from the outside of the grocery store, it needs to go in the trash can. Create a shopping list, and restock your house as follows:
  2. Eat lots of protein from quality sources like grass-fed or pastured meats (if you eat meat).
  3. Eat a lot more veggies, especially the crunchy, green ones.
  4. Eat good fats like coconut oil, ghee, lard, fish or krill oil, and MCT oil.
  5. Eat fermented, cultured foods like yogurt, kombucha, or apple cider vinegar.
  6. Work your way up to one-liter of greens juice per day.
  7. Go gluten free so you can keep your immune system and guts healthy.
  8. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. This is part of reducing sugar intake and getting rid of gluten.

If you do all these things, even if you tackle them one by one and it takes you a year to really get a handle on all eight, then you’ll be golden when it comes to your nutrition.