5 Simple Tips for a Perfect Date (with Video)

Dating is meant to be easy as long as you’re being yourself. Or so they say.  However, whilst there’s some truth to it, if things were that easy, we’d all go on dates that are nothing but perfect and live happily ever after with our chosen ones. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it as dating requires effort put into it if you want your date to be a successful one.

Here are 5 tips you need to follow to meet your partner’s expectations and have a perfect date:

1. Pick the location wisely

The first date should not have your date traveling across the city to come meet you. Instead, pick a location that is fairly close to where she lives so you can walk her home at the end of the night. If you really want to impress her, pick her up from home too. Make sure you show up on time and don’t leave her waiting. Prove you’re a man with manners and get out of the car to greet her, open the door and compliment her on her attire.

2. Money is not everything

You might be tempted to do everything it takes to impress her but remember spending too much and picking a super fancy restaurant can intimidate her and make her feel uncomfortable. Choose a restaurant that is classy yet cosy so both of you can be yourselves and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere rather than worry about not knowing what all the different types of forks are for.

3. Pay her compliments

Ladies like to spend time to make sure they look their best. Acknowledge the time they have spent doing their hair and make-up and the effort they have put into it by paying thoughtful compliments. However, be wary so you don’t go overboard, too many compliments may come across as fake.

4. Look after your date

It’s the little things that make a difference so if you’re at a restaurant, make sure her empty glass gets a refill straight away. She’ll appreciate the way you look after her and give you her full attention.

5. Don’t brag

There’s nothing wrong with mentioning what you have achieved so far but bragging about your possessions and going on and on about it will kill your date instantly. Let her discover everything about you as time goes by rather than impress her with the type of car you drive.