The Best Way for Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Time

Balance is a myth! The concept of a perfectly balanced life, with family, work, community and personal life in equilibrium is unrealistic and not as fulfilling as the myth suggests.

The key is “integration” say highly successful leaders. Set priorities based on your values and goals. These are not decisions you make on the fly. Don’t assume you know what is important to the others in your life – ask your family and your business colleagues what is important to them. You may be surprised.

Think of this as a unified integration of work, family, community and personal lives, not a juggling act. Realize that your priorities can change based on what is happening in your life in fact, may change daily or hourly. Knowing your values and priorities makes it much easier to be nimble in your personal life as well as your business.

Your time is as valuable an asset as any item in your business or family budget. As a successful entrepreneur, there are many demands on your time-values-based priorities help you say “yes” at the right time and “no” at the right time.

Build personal support networks – networks of relatives, friends, paid service providers who can help you fulfill family responsibilities and pitch in when there is an unexpected emergency. Build professional networks of colleagues and friends who can step in for you in a professional emergency.

Realize that priorities change over time as children grow up and the business matures. You can’t have it all at the same time and probably don’t want to but you CAN have it all over a lifetime.