Top 5 Fast Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods are those particular types of food that help you lose weight. Basically, regardless of the amount of calories contained by a type of food, it is the amount of calories required to burn it off that counts. Let’s say you just had a slice of cheesecake that contains 100 calories. Your body will only burn off 25 calories out of the 100, which means you are left with an excess of 75 calories, calories that will end up being converted into fat. However, fat burning foods (also known as negative calorie foods) are not only lower in calories but also require more calories to burn off. For example, an apple contains around 50 calories, depending on its size. But due to its consistency it takes at least 80 calories to process it so you end up burning off 30 calories whilst eating!

Living on a diet based entirely on fat burning foods can become flavorless and boring but introducing them into your daily diet menus will make a whole difference. Remember, moderation is the key to everything so make sure you don’t take things to the extreme and start eating just apples as you will end up feeling frustrated and the weight you have shed off will come back in no time once you go back to your old eating habits.

Here are the best 5 fat burning foods that you should include in your diet as of now:



Is high in amino acids and is recommended as it is a pure source of Omega 3 fatty acids which help lower cholesterol. Opt for sustainable salmon and your blood sugar levels will be lowered. Don’t be afraid of the fat that is found in fish as these “fatty acids” are natural fat burners as your body will require more energy to burn the proteins. Basically, the fatter the fish, the more weight you will lose.



If consumed without the skin, turkey is also a fat burning food. Just like with fish, your body will consume more energy to process it but you will also be left feeling satisfied, full of energy and more relaxed thanks to its tryptophan high content. But turkey meat also contains an amino acid called leucine which makes you feel fuller after just small portions of food.

Green Tea


Don’t be fooled by the soft drinks that get advertised as containing green tea. They contain nothing but sugar and preservatives that will make you gain weight.

However, drinking a cup of plain, unsweetened green tea will give your metabolism a real kick as it contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is a natural fat burner. You don’t need to go for any special green tea diet pills or any other “magic” products, a warm cup of tea will suffice.

Hot Pepper


Whether it is cayenne, jalapeno or habanero, make sure you add a dash of it to your meals and your body will be burning fat 25% quicker! These hot peppers contain Capsaicin which helps reducing your appetite and make you feel fuller after eating smaller portion of food. You don’t need to break out in sweat, a dash of pepper to your food will be more than enough to give your metabolism a kick.



Lemons help reduce the acid in your body as they are natural alkalizers. Squeeze a slice of lemon into your cold glass of water and your freshly alkalized water will help detoxify your body. Rather than have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, start your day with a glass of lukewarm water and the juice from half a lemon. This will help eliminate the mucous that was accumulated overnight and will help removing the acids caused by eating fast or processed food which keep you from absorbing healthy nutrients. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be please to find that lemons break down fat deposits and emulsify the toxins that prevent weight loss.