Ways to Seduce a Woman Into Wanting You

Seduction is an art, a skill that most guys wished they had, and yet, very few do. The thing about seducing a woman is, it’s probably not as complicated as you would assume that it would be. You probably get this idea that in order to seduce a woman, you have to learn tons of lines and routines, and build an image of being some kind of a smooth player type. That does not have to be the case though.

You can be just a regular, average guy and still seduce women successfully. You can pick out a woman, approach her, and make her want you in a matter of minutes once you get the hang of it.
Here are a few ways to seduce a woman into wanting YOU:

1. Project yourself as having HIGH social value.

Women are attracted to men that have high social status in one way or another. This is why guys that are in power positions in life seem to attract women so easily. Now, you might think that this means that you need to be a successful business person, entertainer, or an actor to be perceived that way. Not so. You can project yourself as being a guy with high social value and really be kind of average. Fact is, women are drawn to men that make women see them as having high social value.

2. Make her feel like the two of you have a “rare” connection.

In today’s world, people don’t have as many real connections as they used to. Too many things get in the way of that. If a woman feels like you and her have a special connection, it’s going to make her feel a massive amount of attraction towards you. And you can build on that attraction to the point where she wants to be with you intimately.

3. Make her think that you are unavailable to her.

If you really want to make yourself seem irresistible to a woman, then you need to make yourself unavailable to her. Disqualify yourself by making it seem like she’s not your type. Don’t just stop there, though. Give her mixed messages by then flirting with her, and making it seem like you kind of want her. Keep this little dance up, and she will find you so desirable, such a challenge that seducing her will be easy as pie. She might even end up making the moves on YOU.